I had never done yoga, and found the thought of joining a class as a beginner a bit intimidating. During the first lockdown, though, I knew I had to do something, and I'm really glad I did!! Karen's classes on zoom are very well thought out, and although there are the obvious drawbacks (she can't get to physically help with any poses you're not sure about) there are unexpected advantages. The whole intimidation bit disappeared, as I was able to turn my camera off and no-one could see me wobbling or laughing at myself when the cat joined in. I was in the comfort of my own home, and was doing the class at my own level, with Karen suggesting alternatives to make things easier or stretch you a bit further if you felt able. The most important part for me is still the relaxation at the end - it is hard to really relax in times of covid, but this few minutes at the end of a class feels like a reward for trying so hard, and feels really good! I initially thought of it as something to do during lockdown, but now realise that it's something I want to keep doing - I don't need to be brilliant at it, I just need to feel like it's doing me good, and keep enjoying it.